Getting Started With R: Some Resources

There are many, many excellent resources for newcomers to R. Here are a few I can personally recommend.

On-Line Introductions and Tutorials

An Introduction to R: In R, run help.start(), then click on "An Introduction to R".
An introduction to many topics. Not very tutorial, however. By Venables, Smith, et al. Also available at
Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics:
An easy-to-read tutorial. By J. H. Maindonald.
Quick-R for SAS/SPSS/Stata Users:
An R language tutorial for people who already know SAS, SPSS, or Stata. By Robert Kabacoff.
Some Hints for the R Beginner:
Click on "Tutorials" to get started with R. By Patrick Burns.

Sources of Help

The R search engine:
Looking for something? Start here. This search engine focuses on R-related web sites.
The R Help mailing list:
An incredible amount of Q&A. Got a question? First, search the archives (, since it's likely that someone already answered your question. Second, post your question if necessary, but read the posting guide before you do (
Stack overflow:
Ask a question, get an answer from an expert. Use the "r" tag.
If you can squeeze your question into 140 characters, someone might know the answer. Use the #rstats hashtag.


R in a Nutshell by Joseph Adler (
A combination tutorial and reference book.
A Beginner's Guide to R by Zuur, Ieno, and Meesters (
A quick-start guide for newbies.
Using R for Introductory Statistics by John Verzani (
A good introduction to both R and statistics.
R Graphics by Paul Murrell (
If you want to understand graphics in R, this is the book.
Modern Applied Statistics with S (4th ed.) by Venables and Ripley (
Especially good for anyone who knows statistics and wants to start using R.